Care and Use

Microwave and Washing:

All Sparnicht tableware is microwave and dishwasher safe unless otherwise noted in your pot's product description.  

In the Oven:

Sparnicht pieces are not oven safe, and they should not be subjected to drastic changes in atmospheric temperature (ie from being in a refrigerator to popped in an oven).

Markings on My Pot:

My glazes range in finish from gloss to satin matte--matte surfaces often accrue cutlery marks. These are gentle, grey streaks that you may have seen on well worn dishes from contact with forks and knives. To remove cutlery marks, scrub the markings with the course side of your dish sponge using Barkeeper's friend--this product can be purchased at most home improvement stores. 

If you have any questions about caring for your Sparnicht pieces, please don't hesitate to contact us.